The use of AI in renewable energy integration can help energy suppliers expand their marketplace by introducing new service models.

FREMONT, CA: The integration of renewable energy into traditional power grids has triggered a paradigm shift in the energy industry. With the introduction of variable renewable energy and the use of new smart control algorithms, the grid is shifting physically. As the energy industry continues to utilize more variable generation sources, accurate forecasts and netload are becoming crucial to maintain reliability, minimize emissions, and maximize renewable energy resources. For this Artificial Intelligence (AI) approaches can be used. Here is how AI can boost renewable energy integration and adoption, leading to a modernized electric grid.

As the available data is skyrocketing, the electrical grid is becoming highly interconnected. It brings new opportunities to take advantage of AI's ability to learn from the data collected. This will offer grid operators unique insights into control measures to keep up with various renewable energy sources. AI algorithms focus on climate and load forecasts, which make it more manageable to incorporate renewable energy into electrical grids.

The challenges of controlling energy flows within the grid are becoming more severe as the electrical grid positions more renewable energy generation. These risks can be eliminated by utilizing AI-powered optimization. As new energy sources and devices are integrated, AI algorithms such as adaptive dynamic programming and smart multi-agent systems have great potential to provide real-time control and improve system optimization.

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The world is seeing home reconstruction with distributed intelligent devices, and this trend is moving slowly to the renewable with smart batteries coupled with wind, electric vehicle chargers, and energy management systems. AI will drive these latest products and provide new ways to save money through transitive controls on energy prices that work in real-time. AI-powered control methods for electrical utilities and customers alike will unlock new value streams.

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