Augmented reality is emerging as an innovative technology that can help the oil and gas industry enhance its overall performance.

FREMONT, CA: The oil and gas industry has always faced enormous risks concerning safety, regulations, fluctuating markets, and physically challenging environments. Adding to the list, the speed of operational change across the industry has significantly accelerated. With so many forces pulling in different directions, the industry is struggling to strike a balance. Today, oil and gas firms are using Augmented Reality (AR) for solving all these challenges. Know more about the most common applications of AR in the oil and gas sector.

The first application of AR in the oil and gas field is what is referred to as the pre-made scenarios. This is an AR version of the firm’s existing handbooks and covers all the standard procedures visually. This pre-made scenario can connect to live data and assist with predictive maintenance by visually showing the present condition of the machinery. This application is ideal for training, operating, and fixing sophisticated equipment for any operation and maintenance processes. The pre-made AR scenario application is a powerful upgrade for the oil and gas field handbook.

It is also possible to use AR applications to improve remote service capabilities. Incident management systems in the oil and gas industry are now created with in-built call features to connect technicians to technical experts immediately. With a single click, technicians are on a video call with experts who can use in-call AR on the device screen for guidance. This type of remote AR service is perfect for the unplanned incidents that often occur in the oil and gas industry. Combined with the pre-made scenarios, this AR implementation can cover all bases of the facilities in the oil and gas sector

AR technology is ripe right now and is already in operation within several industries. It is serving several critical benefits on the table for the oil and gas industry as well.

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