With renewable energies getting a major push, the times are favorable for a surge in long-duration energy storage technology innovations.

FREMONT, CA: Technological interventions have given the energy industry a chance to transform and redefine itself. Traditional power generation facilities are losing the race of reliability and sustainability today. Renewable sources of energy are being adopted rapidly, and energy producers are looking to invest in zero-carbon solutions. The energy sector can realize these goals by developing advanced energy storage capabilities. The development of lithium-ion batteries played a significant role in the commercialization of solar energy. However, lithium-ion storage solutions have the limitations of having short-duration storage capacities and high costs. Innovations in thermal and mechanical energy storage systems are critical for the evolution of today's energy sector.

Innovations in Thermal Storage Systems and their Advantages

Innovations in thermal power storage have allowed the energy sector to experiment and improve services. Compared to lithium-ion storage systems, thermal storage systems have higher power capacity and better reliability. In thermal energy storage, heat is stored within a solid, liquid, or gaseous medium. Currently, several innovators in the energy sector are working towards discovering the most effective medium. By improving the heat storage capacity of the mediums, heat energy can be put to use, and wastage can be reduced. Solar energy plants can leverage thermal storage innovations to capture heat and store it for several days.

Industrial refrigeration applications are energy-intensive and can make use of thermal energy storage systems to enjoy reliable services without negatively impacting the environment.

Transformations in Mechanical Storage

The conventional pumped hydro solutions are inefficient. Innovations in mechanical storage are creating viable alternatives that can replace pumped hydro storage systems. Several companies are creating solutions that make mechanical storage efficient and emission-free. Developments in compression systems using cryogenic air and geomechanically pumped hydro systems are a few examples mentioned in an article published on Cleantech. These energy storage technologies will work to stabilize the adoption of renewable energy.Long-term energy storage facilities are integral to make energy generation efficient, environment-friendly, and reliable.

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