Big data and its advanced analytics capability are paving the way for future innovations in the solar industry.    

FREMONT, CA: Governments and utility firms across the globe understand the essence of renewable energy sources, such as solar energy. Concerned authorities are striving to automate and speed-up processes to cater to the ever-increasing demand for solar power. The trend is likely to gain momentum in the future as the solar industry is investing in technologies such as big data analytics to boost the production processes as well as streamline the distribution channels. Here are the ways in which big data can influence the future of the solar industry.    

Forecasting Weather Conditions Based on Past Data

As mentioned before, the major advantage of big data in the solar industry is that it optimizes energy production as well as distribution. Despite the growth in the renewable power generation, the unpredictable and intermittent resources such as sunlight and wind often impact the overall energy production process. Big data combined with machine learning (ML) and predictive analytics can be used to gather weather and satellite data. Such data can be used to predict weather conditions in advance, enabling renewable plants to boost their production.

Streamlining Operations and Maintenance Processes

The massive proliferation of solar power and large-scale wind plants has resulted in a growth in energy production. However, it’s getting increasingly challenging to manage the power plants spread across a vast geographical region. For instance, a massive solar power plant might contain hundreds or thousands of sensors, inverters, installers, and a web of complex wires. As a result, the maintenance and operation of such large systems will require significant effort and money. Big data analytics can address the above challenges by streamlining operations and management (O&M) to a large extent.

Reducing Renewable Energy Production Costs

Renewable energy is gaining support from individuals as well as private organizations due to a constant decline in its production cost. Advancements in big data analytics have contributed immensely to the above cause. The technology enables renewable companies to produce more energy without incurring additional costs.   

Big data is enabling the firms in the solar industry to address the roadblocks that can slow down the internal processes and operations.

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