AI can enable researchers to address the energy challenges involved with the hydrogen energy production process.

FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence (AI) is contributing to innovations across the industry verticals. When it comes to extracting renewable sources of energy such as hydrogen fuel, AI can be equally effective. Researchers are already eyeing on AI as a means to power the automotive industry through hydrogen fuel, especially due to its non-polluting characteristic. Hydrogen, as fuel, can be obtained by splitting water into oxygen and hydrogen. The hydrogen thus obtained can be collected and stored in fuel cells. 

 As per Medical Daily, although hydrogen seems a promising renewable source of energy, the process of splitting water requires a huge amount of energy. The highly stable nature of water as a compound accounts to this fact. Further, the excess energy released during this procedure results in a significant loss of energy. These challenges can be addressed by leveraging AI to find catalysts that can hasten the hydrogen-oxygen split up.

 AI-driven supercomputers can lead the search for catalysts by placing a large number of earth-abundant ligands and metals in a melting pot before. Such a setup can enable the researchers to assess the numerous combinations, which can act as the perfect catalyst in the hydrogen generation procedure. The catalysts obtained using the above experiment will enable the researchers to split water electrochemically in an affordable and reliable manner. 

 The above experiment cannot be performed using the traditional methods due to a large number of element combinations needed to find the appropriate catalyst. Further, researchers also need to understand the crystal structure as well as the phase structures of the crystal. Although humans can solve the phase map for easy composition systems comprising one or two elements, AI assistance is a must when there are more than two elements involved. 

 Thus, AI can power efforts to leverage hydrogen as a source of energy. AI-driven research methods are expected to discover the perfect catalyst for water-dissociation procedure and provide the world with an alternative source of energy.

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