To battle against expanding cyber woes, the energy sector requires innovative strategies and solutions.

FREMONT, CA: Earlier, natural calamities often resulted in disruption of energy services. Now, technology has advanced, resulting in disaster-resilient facilities. However, energy companies have not been able to rule out disruptions entirely because cyber threats have landed many energy companies in trouble and have interrupted critical operations. Reports published over the last few years have made it apparent that the energy sector is a primary target of cybercriminals. Fending off these targeted attacks needs companies to reduce vulnerabilities and have in place effective security infrastructure and strategy. Only through careful planning and efficient execution of security strategies, energy companies can ensure resilience against sophisticated attacks. The following list of considerations can help the energy sector boost its defenses against cybercrimes.

 Protecting Every Strategic Asset Against Cyber Threats

The number of connected assets in the energy sector is growing steadily. The emergence of IoT technology has given rise to multiple end-points that are especially vulnerable to hacking. All of the modern, as well as incumbent assets, need to be evaluated for their capability of resisting a cyber attack and thereafter secured through multiple layers of security. IoT can play a significant role in helping energy companies bolster prevention and response mechanisms against hackers. Detecting instructions through digital solutions also cuts down on the effectiveness of attacks, enabling energy companies to take remedial steps.

• Building Several Layers of Security

Security has to be dynamic enough to counter the sophistication of cyber threats. Energy companies should not overlook any aspect of security. Right from the very basic level to the advanced levels, security needs to be tightened to prevent gaps through which cyber attacks can sneak into systems. Firewalls, anti-virus, and anti-malware protection are must-haves. Besides, the entire supply chain needs to be secured with the help of security solutions that enable encryption.

Ultimately, staying two steps ahead of cybercriminals can help energy companies detect and tackle risks from becoming a threat to operations or reputation.