Risk management in energy firms must address a prioritized risk profile and better integrate with technologies to stay ahead of the evolving risk curve.

FREMONT, CA: Technology advancements have powered energy companies to improve their business operations with real-time visibility, data-driven analysis and decision-making, and mobility. While these advances have informed a shift in business models, they also increase risk exposures. This increased risk exposure requires energy firms to improve enterprise risk management processes. An enterprise-wide Risk Management (ERM) holds the key to pressing questions on identifying, analyzing, and mitigating risks faced by the energy organizations. It assesses energy firms’ systems and processes and risk landscapes associated with them to coordinate a tailored risk control framework.   

One of the core exercises that facilitate the implementation of a meaningful ERM program in energy firms is identifying these key components of a business environment and their interplay, for attaining the required flexibility to develop and execute a strategic risk plan. An energy firm must gauge how well its individual functional units are integrated with the overall organizational outlook. In addition, technology infrastructure requirements must be factored in to help an energy organization streamline and automate risk management processes.    

The right techniques and models for risk evaluation and the appropriate accounting methodologies must be given the highest priority to tailor a robust risk management strategy. It is also essential to have adequate controls that govern the various compliance requirements of a business. These regulatory policies should be navigated by laws and industry standards. Energy firms must craft a strategic risk plan based on important elements like a dynamic network to leverage energy assets, the scope of asset control, the physical commodity presence, as well as a focus on the market trends. This core strategy must be used as the cornerstone to derive the organizational risk tolerance, the risk control limits, and the risk capital. 

A market-focused enterprise-wide risk management program can steer energy firms in the direction of sustained progress.

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