Countries using wind turbines to generate electricity can repower and recycle their materials.

FREMONT, CA: The wind power industry is reaching towards a point of articulation. The production tax credit (PTC) is about to get terminated and will be used to offer a subsidy for every kilowatt-hour of electricity generated from the wind farms. The wind projects must start constructing their machines and begin operations so that they can be eligible for their last PCT subsidies. 

The PTC has already done its part in helping the wind power industry to nurture its domestic sector. Moreover, wind power can even become one of the top sources of renewable energy. The industry is getting more and better opportunities now in the market because it is also maturing. The investors attracted to the renewable energy stocks cannot fail to look at the importance of these following two trends that can reshape the wind power industry. 

Top 10 Wind Energy Solution Companies - 20201. Repowering wind farms

There are several countries where wind energy has been in the industry for a very long time. These wind energy farms use the turbines that have outdated technologies and are not using the potential of wind resources to its maximum level. However, instead of discarding these old wind turbines, the wind farm owners have started to repower them by changing the old wind turbines with the latest model of hardware available in the market. Therefore, repowering has become a massive business in a very less period. 

Repowering will also become popular among the communications of electric utility and power generators that are dependent on wind power. If the projects can accomplish a 20 % increase in the output of energy, then it will be better for the long-term shareholders. 

2. Recycling old wind turbines

The wind farm may get repowered, but it is still necessary to shut down the old wind turbines, which has become a big headache for most countries. The turbines have massive towers that are made of steel, and it can be cut up and recycled. 

With the increase of repowering, there also has to be a rise in the wind turbine recycling process. Several companies are waiting for this opportunity and can recycle the turbine blades and use the material for pellets. The pellets can then be used for construction, automotive applications, and even decking. 

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