Digital twin in the nuclear power industry provides operational efficiency and the ability to avoid downtime by propelling features like predictive maintenance and intelligent monitoring. 

FREMONT, CA: The nuclear power sector is continually seeking opportunities to improve operations, reduce unplanned outages, and manage variations in market conditions towards higher profitability. What is needed at this point is a comprehensive solution that gives companies the means to transform operations with actionable insights that drive improved business decisions. Nuclear power plant operators are increasingly viewing digital twin technology as that key innovation for increasing operational efficiency and safety in nuclear power plants.

The digital twin can model the present state of every asset in a nuclear power plant. It accurately represents the plant under several variations related to the operation such as temperature, air quality, moisture, load, weather, and market pricing. Using these digital twin models and state-of-the-art techniques of optimization, control, and forecasting can more accurately predict outcomes along different axes of availability, performance, reliability, wear and tear, and flexibility. The digital twin model of a nuclear power plant, in conjunction with the sensor data, gives the ability to predict the plant’s performance, evaluate different scenarios, understand trade-offs, and thereby enhance efficiency.

By implementing digital twin, nuclear power leaders can have the ability to balance and optimize trade-offs between essential factors. This gives nuclear power providers the confidence to make calculated commitments to dispatching energy without unforeseen maintenance or waste. The digital twin will allow future scenarios to be tested against business objectives creating informed decisions. An advanced and functional digital twin model that integrates analytics can measure the nuclear power plant’s asset health, wear, and performance with customer-defined KPIs and business objectives. The digital twin is developed to execute analytic models, to run high-speed business rules engine, and to manage data at scale. This will allow plant executives, plant managers, and workers to interact with the model in real-time.

The digital twin technology embodies the heart of the nuclear power plant by combining domain expertise with big data analytics, providing value for power leaders from several perspectives.

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