Edge computing is enabling the energy firms to address data challenges and increase processing speed.

FREMONT, CA: Edge computing is transforming data management practices across the industry verticals. The rapid growth of connected devices, along with the applications that can address the issues of real-time computing is causing a paradigm shift in the computing space. The energy sector is one of the many industries that can potentially benefit from edge computing. The idea associated with edge computing is to process data locally near the site of an information-producing device instead of sending the data to the cloud servers or on-premise data centers. According to a report, 75 percent of enterprise-generated data will be processed at the edge by 2021.  

The energy sector involves various distributed energy sources. Such an energy source can generate over one Terabyte (TB) of data each day. The common practice is to push back the data to a centralized cloud server for processing. However, with the exponential growth of data, there is increased pressure on the firms’ infrastructure, thereby impacting the operational efficiencies. Alternatively, edge computing is performed on distributed device nodes. Thus, the implementation of edge computing will allow energy firms to enhance processing speeds and reduce security concerns.  

Research and innovations in the field of edge computation is benefitting the energy firms on various levels. For instance, edge virtualization software platforms provide the energy firms with a standardized means to interact with and devise applications for the edge. Similarly, some edge computing platforms support multiple applications, thereby eliminating the need to buy dedicated hardware for running such applications. However, the real value of edge computing in the energy sector is generated due to the potential to run advanced asset optimization. Such a capability is currently being leveraged in the utility, oil and gas sector, logistics, and manufacturing sectors with around 34 million connected assets.

Edge computing is the answer to the current and future data challenges associated with the energy sector.

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