cFREMONT, CA: From the discovery and mapping of new oil and gas fields to the design and placement of wind and solar energy farms, High-Performance Computing (HPC) continues to be an essential tool for the energy industry. Almost everywhere in the industry, there are powerful parallel-processing systems that are churning through massive volumes of data. Here is a look at four ways in which energy organizations use HPC to elevate their business to new heights. 

• Next-Level Simulations

To understand oil and gas reservoirs, energy firms use sophisticated simulators powered by HPC to help identify the safest, efficient, productive, and environmentally friendly way to use resources. These simulators, which help in critical management decisions, can take a vast amount of parallel processing power, which equates to faster and higher resolution simulations.   

• Leveraging Analytics at the Edge

In the energy industry, dynamic reservoir management and overall production operations benefit from real-time data analysis, modeling, and context planning. This is vital to production operations optimization abilities that offer measurable betterments in bottom-line results. HPC allows energy firms to do analytics at the edge based on data generated by several sensors. Real-time analytics enables instant visibility into field operations, resulting in a faster understanding of complex systems.

• Powering Advances in Wind-Energy Systems

In the wind energy sector, HPC helps organizations to improve the performance and efficiency of wind energy systems. Here the firm's advanced simulation and computing program equips the wind-energy industry with the processing and simulation they need to design improved energy-generation systems.

• Improving Seismic Processing and Imaging Models

HPC capabilities can enhance the performance of its seismic processing and imaging models. This initiative needs to process and analyze growing data volumes produced by advances in seismic data-acquisition techniques. With high-performance parallel processing, energy firms can improve performance and help them identify potential oil and gas reservoirs, assess their financial viability, and design exploration and drilling activities that maximize output.

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