IoT has the potential to enhance solar energy generation facilities by resolving common challenges associated with solar. 

FREMONT, CA: Solar energy is expanding rapidly. In the process of expansion, many solar energy companies are faced with simple and complicated operational challenges. Advanced technologies can become enablers and solve issues to allow solar energy companies to achieve better capabilities. IoT, one of the most sought-after technologies in today’s era, has numerous potential applications in the context of solar energy. The following are some ways in which IoT can prove advantageous for the fastest growing renewable energy source.

Managing Distributed Solar Assets

Solar assets can either be located within solar energy farms or at the edge, in close proximity to the end-users. In either case, the management of distributed solar assets can improve significantly when IoT systems are deployed. IoT uses sensor-powered devices to integrate extensive solar energy infrastructure, giving operators the chance to monitor and manage every equipment with a maximum degree of efficiency.

Monitoring Fluctuations

The fluctuations associated with the harnessing of solar energy can become a pain for solar energy companies. As solar energy is now a commercial source of energy, solar energy companies are trying to make it more reliable. By enabling real-time visibility of solar stations, IoT systems empower solar energy companies to check whether sufficient energy is being delivered and whether load balance at the grid is being maintained.

Preventing Costly Security Breaches

Security breaches can lead to severe disruptions in solar energy services. Be it a physical security breach or a network security breach, the repercussions for a solar energy company can be significant. IoT solutions can be a savior in this case as well. By deploying IoT-backed surveillance systems, solar energy plants can easily enhance security. Besides, end-to-end IoT can make detection of network breaches quick and comprehensive.

IoT can contribute to every solar energy company's productivity and security in addition to increasing opportunities for precise controls over batteries, grids, and solar panels.

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