Big data is playing an instrumental role in the evolution of renewable energy.

Fremont, CA: According to a recent paper on the applications of big data for solar and other green energy sources, it was stated that big data is deemed to play a significant part in the evolution of renewable energy. Other researchers worldwide are also talking about the role of data analytics in this dynamically growing field.

One expert from Spain working on new data analytics solutions says that one of the most significant challenges modern society faces is turning the page on current energy models. Better distribution, cost savings, technical improvements, and, above all, the optimization of resources are some of the areas that are opened up thanks to new technologies. Natural Solar making massive advances in Australia, has announced its first solar battery initiative within NDIS housing. This would not have been possible shortly without big data technology. Top 10 Wind Energy Solution Companies - 2020

Big data is also being leveraged to develop better renewable energy technology in Germany.  So much so that a German data analytics firm specializing in managing wind farms, has developed a pioneering system that combines several digital technologies that are making headway. They depend on the “Internet of Things,” the deployment of sensors, Big Data analysis techniques, as well as a digital infrastructure centralized in cloud computing.

The energy sector is under critical review. The advocates of the “green” model depend on climate change and increased competition from the renewable market to search for new ways to increase production capacity and efficiency. According to data, this sector contributed about 8,256 million Euros to the Spanish gross domestic product and invested in technological innovation around 230 million in 2015. Still, producers show that renewable energy as a whole continues to stagnate in Spain.

In a global context where more energy is being consumed, the most advanced countries are looking for new alternatives to meet the demands. Most forecasts indicate that it is going to increase. Big data is going to be essential to help them meet those demands.