The IoT, billed as the next revolution, has the potential to significantly transform the wind power sector by optimizing operations and managing asset performance. 

FREMONT, CA: The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to transform the industrial sector significantly. Although there is a lot of hype around IoT, the wind power sector has been an early beneficiary of IoT. With the large-scale implementation of IoT, unprecedented volumes of data from connected wind power assets are generated. This provides wind operators the ability to automate decision-making in real-time that can translate into exciting business opportunities.

In the wind power sector, the most popular application of IoT is condition monitoring and predictive maintenance of a wide variety of assets. The IoT-based approach is different from the age-old traditional reactive and periodic maintenance strategies in the industry. The IoT applications are focused on the highest value assets in wind power generation plants, and in the transmission and distribution grid. Here, assets are continuously monitored with sensors, and the collected data is sent to the cloud where a variety of machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms are used to predict the health and impending failure of the assets and determine the optimal time to perform maintenance. For wind operators, the IoT model means obtaining critical operational data faster and more reliably.

Wind farms are an apt example of connected machines that can operate independently. Maintaining the operational efficiency of wind turbines is critical to wind farms because small component malfunctions may lead to significant issues that affect power productivity and transmission. Asset malfunctions are time-intensive and costly to fix, but the IoT can help deliver valuable insights into potential faults or failures in wind turbines. IoT systems, along with machine learning, can also help refine operators by eliminating the need to shut the turbine down completely.

That being said, IoT and wind energy could be a match made in heaven.

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