Improvisations and innovations are helping solar panels overcome limitations and deliver highly-enhanced performances.

FREMONT, CA: The potential of solar panels in converting solar energy into electricity has evolved over the years. From being highly unaffordable and commercially unfeasible, solar panels today have become popular. Further developments in the materials used in the construction of solar panels are expected to drive up the capacities of solar panels while eliminating inefficiencies. Changes in design methodologies resulting from extensive amounts of research are also going to play a defining role in the future of solar panels. Among all the major improvements that have the potential to enhance solar panels, perovskites are going to be particularly impactful. Some ways in which solar panels improve with perovskites are listed here.

• Convenience in Manufacturing

Perovskites are crystal elements that can be used to build solar panels. The crystals contain a combination of components, including metals and elements, with properties of bromine or iodine. Perovskites are a better alternative from many aspects when compared with photovoltaic solar cells, which use silicon. Photovoltaic cells are more difficult to manufacture and, thus, are highly-priced. On the other hand, perovskites solar cells are easier to produce. 

• The Advantage of Flexibility

In addition to the ease and speed factors, perovskites also add flexibility to solar panels. The feature of flexibility is highly desirable in the case of solar panels. Solar panel designs can be optimized by strategically shaping the panels. When applied across extensive solar energy farms, improved design of solar panels can help harness a higher amount of energy with the same amount of investment in panels.

• Wider Range of Wavelengths

Compared to silicon-based solar panels, solar panels made with perovskites can function across a broader range of wavelengths. Thus the ability of conventional solar cells is quite limited. On the other hand, perovskites can utilize light having lower wavelengths, as well as higher wavelengths. This makes the newer solar panels more efficient.

As new materials are tested, perovskite crystals might see a further improvement in properties and become the ultimate solution that the energy sector is awaiting.

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