Deep Photovoltaic Nowcasting has been tremendously empowering solar energy firms to optimize the generation of solar energy.

FREMONT, CA: The emergence of solar panels has revolutionized the energy industry. However, the reliability factor involved with this renewable source still an issue for many. While expecting an immediate technological advancement concerning this factor seems impractical, accurate energy prediction on a minute-by-minute basis can help the energy firms optimize their operations greatly. Short-term or immediate forecasting capability is crucial for managing solar plant operations in an intelligent way. Forecasting systems based on satellite data, climate models, or predictive data models based on past data were largely ineffective due to their low temporal and spatial resolution. This challenge is being addressed by the newly built technology, deep photovoltaic nowcasting. 

Deep voltaic nowcasting can offer detailed data over future energy generation patterns. With the increased dependence on renewable energy sources, grid operators will have to make real-time decisions pertaining to energy generation and distribution patterns. Deep voltaic nowcasting will empower the grid operators with the above decisions by providing them with reliable internal as well as external or weather forecasts. Nowcasting on a per-minute or per-second basis utilizes images of the sky captured via tools near to the solar panels. Such imageries will provide the operators with highly localized data allowing them to make optimal decisions.

This technology requires a camera to be installed on the roof of a building near solar panels. The camera should capture four images each second to generate an image of vast dynamic varsity and then a sequence of such images. Such data enables the operators to determine when the clouds can obstruct solar energy.

The new technology is enabling the grid operators to optimize the operational aspects with the aid of reliable forecasts.

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