Power companies, with the help of the latest security measures, can safeguard their sensitive infrastructure against cyber threats.

FREMONT, CA: The energy industry has primarily focused on the reliable availability of energy. However, with increased technological incorporation and digitalization, it is imperative for the firms to address the new overheads associated with technology. The security challenge is a vital aspect in this regard. The need for security preparedness is even more projected in the case of the power industry. Electrical infrastructure is considered vital to a functioning society. Thus, the power companies are developing their infrastructure to face the growing issues pertaining to cybersecurity and other network-related threats.

Not only are attacks increasing, but cybersecurity experts state that the number of threat actors is growing and their capabilities expanding. Internal threats due to disgruntled employees, human error, or contractors have been common issues in the past. However, nation-states crimes are also gaining traction in modern times. Another trend that has been on the rise is cyber attackers targeting the industrial control systems (ICS). Further, sporadic cyber crimes are increasingly getting replaced by organized crimes, thereby threatening national security. Thus, power firms need to prepare against a wide array of cyber vulnerabilities.

Typically, cyber supply chain accountability may touch diverse departments of a power company. The power firms can start their cybersecurity endeavors by engaging personnel from various departments to communicate and coordinate in the preparations against cyber risks. When it comes to selecting suppliers, power firms need to check whether the supplier’s processes include the leading security practices or not. For instance, the key security features must include threat intelligence, patch as well as vulnerability management. Further, power companies can include assessments ranging from simple attribute-based checklists to massive control-based assessments depending on a firm’s individual security needs and expectations.

With the increased proliferation of technology in the energy industry, security breaches and attacks are also evolving. Power firms must safeguard their systems against such attacks to ensure an uninterrupted business proceeding.

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