The abundance of renewable energy resources makes them an ideal source to generate economically-viable hydrogen.   

FREMONT, CA: As the world tries to cut carbon emissions, electric power from renewable sources is emerging as a vital energy source. Despite this trend, industry and transport will still need combustible fuels for some time. Such needs can be addressed by hydrogen, which itself can be generated through renewable power. According to a report, the cost to produce and distribute hydrogen from clean energy sources will drop by 50 percent in the upcoming decade. Currently, hydrogen is generated via reactions involving natural gas and coal and plays no role in limiting carbonic emissions. As per Forbes, the world is aiming at generating hydrogen from low-carbon energy sources and enhance its usage into power generation.

There are some crucial factors that are working in favor of hydrogen-based energy generation. For instance, the cost of renewable energy sources is constantly falling while the need to reduce greenhouse gases is gaining momentum. Solar panels are increasingly being used to produce electricity that can be stored in a battery before it’s mixed with an electrolyzer that creates pure hydrogen gas. There are significant energy losses that occur when hydrogen is generated and transported using traditional means. However, the losses become insignificant when the source of energy for producing hydrogen is solar, as it’s free and abundant.

The production of hydrogen with the help of renewable energy sources can be highly advantageous to operations pertaining to a lot of industries. Hydrogen can replace fossil-based feedstocks in high-emission applications. Hydrogen can be mixed with natural gas or used with industrial carbon dioxide to produce syngas. In addition, hydrogen can offer low-carbon mobility via fuel-cell electric vehicles.

Thus, renewable energy system-powered hydrogen can attain immense significance in the long run. The constant improvement in technology and manufacturing infrastructure will further enable the researchers to produce economically-viable hydrogen.

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