Solar fabric is gradually gaining traction due to its ability to address small-scale energy needs. 

FREMONT, CA: The realm of renewable energy is growing exponentially, inducing new business opportunities, and creating new alliances. New possibilities and increased intercommunication among various industries are resulting in the emergence of unique products and solutions. Solar fabric is one such product that is gaining traction lately. Solar technology is increasingly contributing to the world of fabrics. However, researchers had to come up with a unique solution as conventional solar panels are made of glass and other rigid materials that are designed to stand in intricate places with ample sunshine. 

Solar-powered fabric is the result of years of intensive research. The functional solar cell components are not just flexible but practical for clothing as well. People can track their fitness levels and charge their phone or tablets with the aid of solar panels equipped on their jacket or t-shirt. The recent development in the field of solar fabrics is paving the way for numerous future innovative products. This trend is obvious due to the manifold advantages offered by solar-powered fabrics.

Although the main challenge has been to shrink the size of the solar panels to fit into a jacket sleeve, the proliferation of solar-fabrics will result in a significant reduction in energy demands. For instance, people would be able to charge their mobile devices through their solar-equipped clothing materials. Alternatively, solar fabrics can efficiently serve people living in settlements such as tents and marquees during a sudden loss of their homes to natural disasters. Solar-driven settlements would not just provide shelter but also be instrumental in meeting their energy demands.

 With further advancements in technology coupled with reduced panel size, the solar fabric will gain widespread acceptance and contribute to the cause of ever-increasing energy demands.

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