The renewable energy industry has come a long way with the help of technology and is able to generate power on a larger scale as compared to a decade ago.

FREMONT, CA: Wind power plays an essential role in creating more sustainable sources of power. The renewable energy sector is expanding at a rapid pace with several countries setting ambitious targets. The modern wind turbine sector is more dependable, cost-effective, and more capable than in the 80s and 90s. Today's turbines are considerably larger and have a higher power generation capacity of up to 12MW.

Digitalization will completely revolutionize the future of wind turbine technology​. Currently, turbines are not completely digitalized. But with the progress and sophistication in technology, the wind industry can adapt and improve efficiency. For instance, with the introduction of 5G, offshore wind turbines are now able to communicate faster with geographically far removed asset owners.

With the cloud becoming a more secure space for storage of larger amounts of data, the wind industry can take advantage of this to allow turbines to store more analytics data than ever before. This can help gain more insight into the health of the wind turbines. Drones are one of the technologies that have become extremely popular in the wind industry. Drones can help capture images remotely without the need for physical human assistance. Cloud computing can put the images together before a programmed AI system can identify any problems in the blade.

With the help of all these integrated technologies, several maintenance issues can be identified at an early stage, helping enterprises resolve problems before it becomes too serious, warranting the shutting down of the turbine.

The wind turbine industry is also leveraging the smart grid technology to enhance communication between the customer and the utility power. Several computers, new technologies, and automated processes are integrated to create this responsive smart grid. The smart grid can identify problems in the turbine, isolate it, and contain it, enabling the enterprise to fix the problem soon.

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