The solutions to the challenges of efficiency and feasibility of wind energy are hidden in far-reaching innovations.      

FREMONT, CA: The fact that wind is a powerhouse of energy has been common knowledge for centuries now. But in its current phase of development, wind energy is at its sophisticated best and is on the verge of contributing significantly to the grid. The prospects of harnessing wind energy have always relied on the infrastructure being used. The current wave of wind energy adoption is also centered on innovations in infrastructure. With renewable energy gaining momentum like never before, stakeholders at all levels are rooting for technological advancements in the design and functionality of energy generation facilities. A couple of such developments that have the potential to disrupt wind energy generation are listed and discussed below. 

 Yielding Wind Power through Kites

The mention of a wind farm results in a mental picture of windmills lined up across extensive areas. However, an alternative method involving kites might soon become an option for wind energy facilities. An article published in Windpower talks about how specifically designed kites tethered to ground stations can produce utility-scale wind energy. Such a system, mentions the article, is more profitable than the conventional windmills that are in use today. Windmills necessitate significant amounts of investment in construction, materials, and maintenance. On the other hand, kite-based systems do not require towers to be constructed or complicated operations to be mastered. Optimally designed kites can, instead, fly at higher altitudes to deliver better performance at much lower capital investment.

Bladeless Alternative to Conventional Turbines

The turbines used in windmills have been revolutionary. Only because of the enhanced efficiency of turbines and lowered costs, wind energy has become affordable today. However, innovations in wind turbine design are expected to continue. Currently, stakeholders are considering bladeless turbines that could usher in the future of wind energy. These turbines, rather than spinning, will move back and forth to harvest wind power. Such designs will bring down the noise, as well as maintenance expenses in wind farms.

It can be said that innovation is the engine that will enable the energy industry to make quick strides towards optimized designs and technologies.  

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