IoT is playing an active role in improving filed service in the energy industry.

FREMONT, CA:  For all the revolutionary technological advances in the energy industry and the ability to monitor, manage systems and equipment, energy firms need field technicians willing to get their hands dirty by fixing things. But field service has changed with IoT over the last few years. IoT and the sensors enabled a better Field Service Management (FSM) in the energy industry.

Despite digitalization, it is not rare to see field technicians using paper, pen, and fax to take notes and readings. But, the implementation of IoT devices will allow the field technicians to make notes digitally, thereby making the service more transparent. Digital notes will also reduce the errors that often come with the manual note-making process. With an increase in the connectivity of devices, energy firms are increasingly utilizing IoT devices for the above cause.

The increased adoption of IoT in the energy field service operation has built interoperability across devices, platforms, and applications, thereby enhancing the roles of the technician in the field. Energy firms are also using field service management (FSM) software to address many of the challenges present in the field operations. IoT plays a vital role in combination with the FSM solution to simplify many of the demanding issues in the field service sector. FSM solution needs to communicate with the system, and the instruments and devices present on site. IoT devices cement the above gap by providing FSM software with essential data.

IoT in field services can significantly improve reporting in case of an event. Traditionally, it would take multiple days for a field service technician to file a report. However, technicians can use IoT devices to lessen the time to a matter of hours. This capability will also mean that field operations in the energy industry will flow quickly to clients.

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