5G, promising improved performance, will add momentum to the rising demand for digitalization in the energy industry.

FREMONT, CA: The energy industry is busy making strides towards digitalization. The industry requires strong connectivity and infrastructure to handle millions of users, as business becomes increasingly reliant on the digital framework to keep everything running smoothly. With 5G roll-out expected in 2020, the energy world will be on the cusp of the next-age of digital connectivity. Energy-related applications are among those that demand next-level connectivity, with millions of devices requiring to be connected with extreme security and reliability. 5G seems to be shaping the digital-first future of the energy sector.

5G wireless technology will pave the way for the primary step in digitalization—smart grids. New 5G mobile networks will help energy firms integrate previously unconnected devices with new smart grids for accurate monitoring and precise forecasting of energy needs. Managing energy demand will be much efficient as the smart grid will balance the energy load, energy peaks, and ultimately reduce energy costs. With 5G, firms will also be able to plan their energy infrastructure based on the collected data.

With the emergence of 5G technology, energy firms will get more data faster, with lower latency. This will increase the demand for comprehensive data management strategies and the reliability of corporate systems. As a result, 5G will push energy firms to abandon their traditional data management systems and move to cloud deployments for flexible and continuous application delivery, which is considered a critical step towards digitalization.

Interconnectivity and the demand for digital data management that comes with 5G will unearth several opportunities for the energy industry. Digitalization within energy business presents massive potential for changing the face of the industry, but managing the digital revolution can be a big leap. The increased connectivity and speed of the 5G network will enable energy firms to take their first step on their path to digitalization. For that, energy managers and suppliers need to prepare for new 5G business opportunities.

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