Anti-solar panels, with the ability to generate electricity during the night, promise to realize clean energy objectives.    

FREMONT, CA: Exploring numerous opportunities to develop and deliver futuristic solutions, the energy industry has witnessed rapid transformation with the introduction of solar panels. Today, solar panels are available for both domestic and commercial users in the global market. One of the most reliable, cost-effective and efficient energy solutions for large-scale application, solar-panel technology also carries limitations- generating energy at night. According to an article published in Inverse, researchers put efforts into developing anti-solar panels, which can generate electricity during the night.

The idea to develop anti-solar panels includes an advanced infrastructure that operates the opposite way as regular solar panels work in the presence of sunlight. Such a solution can be built by using a thermoradiative cell, contrary to the photovoltaic cell used in regular solar panels. Anti-solar panel designs are made to capture extremely long-wavelength light, which makes it possible to radiate heat as invisible infrared light and produce electricity by capturing the power. Researchers claim that such a solution holds the potential to generate a quarter of electricity at night that the typical solar power generates during the day.

Such initiatives prove to increase clean energy efficiency in the future years, encouraging energy providers to support and invest in anti-solar panel projects. Although conventional solar panels produce immense electricity, from which professionals often store the extra with the help of battery technology and use in the future, electricity generation during the night can promise uninterrupted energy distribution. The solution can eliminate the issue of clean energy shortage while preparing the energy providers for any electricity emergency at any duration or hour.

Today, the growing demand for clean energy frames the future picture of the energy market, which makes the energy providers well understand the need for an alternative, continuous source of electricity. Anti-solar panels surely prove to be the futuristic solution, as the energy professionals seem highly interested in welcoming and adopting such projects.

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