Modern businesses having cloud as their foundational step, are found to be efficient in meeting their energy management goals.

FREMONT, CA: Energy efficiency and environmental sustainability are significant consumer trends today. Nine out of ten consumers expect businesses to be environmentally responsible. Finding methods to make businesses more energy efficient offers substantial payoffs. It can reduce the cost of doing business and speed up work. Given that, energy efficiency has become a major selling point, helping businesses attract and keep new customers. As businesses today grows increasingly obsessed with energy efficiency, cloud computing presents a compelling opportunity to reduce power bills.

Cloud computing provides a way to digitize electric infrastructure and energy management systems. By consolidating all the information on the cloud, businesses will have increased visibility into information from several sources. Answers to queries like which equipment is consuming maximum electricity and many others is available at fingertips. This also has the most reliable and accurate data compared to the manual data entry personal moving from facility to facility.

With this, the company can also monitor their data based on rules and control the electricity spends. Firms can also define upper limits and schedule notifications if that limit is crossed. Enterprises can also monitor various kinds of data associated with individual electric meters and sub-meters. They can also look at the inefficient system through the console and enable proactive maintenance, saving thousands of dollars on repairs or replacements and thereby preventing loss of productivity. One other advantage of storing data on the cloud is access to building intelligence. This is especially able since data on the cloud is the central point of a consolidation.

In conclusion, for business owners and facility managers, it is becoming increasingly important to enable systems on the cloud to manage their energy efficiency goals. Cloud is the foundational step to adopting newer technologies.

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