With increasing demands for solar energy, innovative use of technologies like digital twin might be the success secret.

FREMONT, CA: The use of solar energy is rising steadily. In the last couple of years, technologies at the core of solar power harnessing have improved, while their market prices have reduced. However, there still exist operational challenges that affect output, storage, and efficiency of solar energy farms. Thus, the energy industry is now looking at implementing innovative solutions that can add value and increase the output of solar energy farms. Digital twin technology, which involves creating a virtual replica of actual facilities through critical data accumulation, has the potential to enhance solar power generation. With a digital twin at hand, solar power plants can be monitored and controlled with precision. Some capabilities that the digital twin technologies bring to solar energy plants are listed here.

Monitoring of the Plant

A virtual system that is fed with data in real-time with the help of IoT devices located at critical points across a solar energy plant can improve monitoring capabilities significantly. One of the major factors that reduce the efficiency of solar energy production involves the inability of operators to maintain extensive plants. By creating an accurate virtual replica of the plant through digital twin technology, detailed monitoring becomes viable.

Evaluating Performance of Equipment

Digital twin technology enables effective analytics, which subsequently helps in evaluating the performance of the individual, as well as interlinked components. Even individual cells of a photovoltaic solar panel can be evaluated to check for variations during changing external conditions. This allows the optimization of plants and further enhancement of energy output from the same amount of infrastructure.

Effective and Intelligent Maintenan

The monitoring and evaluation capabilities that digital twin offers allow for the effective maintenance of solar energy plants. With real-time insights about the functioning of systems, it is possible to derive maintenance reports regularly. Besides, digital replicas also enable predictive maintenance.

Thus, digital twin technology makes for a valuable addition to the set of technologies that can power the solar energy industry towards increased efficiency and improved operations.

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