IoT seems to be promising in its quest to offer fuel companies some respite from pipeline leakage-related losses.

FREMONT, CA: Oil and gas companies have always looked forward to a breakthrough that will enable easy detection of potential or existing leakages in supply pipelines. The rapid developments in IoT technology seem to have opened up the possibility of highly effective solutions in this regard. Most oil and gas companies lose valuable fuel in the form of leakages in pipelines. A report suggests that in the United States itself, fuel companies have to put up with losses amounting up to $10 billion every year. In spite of advancements in the properties of pipelines, corrosion, and damage to infrastructure cannot be ruled out completely. Thus, the ability to detect leaks and prevent spillage becomes critical, and IoT-backed solutions can help oil and gas companies achieve exactly that.

The expansive infrastructure that fuel companies handle includes miles and miles of fuel supply pipelines. Detecting leakage in these pipelines requires advanced monitoring capabilities. IoT-backed solutions involving sensor-enabled devices provide unmatched visibility across geographically dispersed systems from a centralized platform. This enables oil and gas companies to deploy real-time alert systems that can notify operators regarding leakages right from its initiation. IoT devices equip oil and gas companies with tracking abilities that help determine the state of pipelines, which are located even in the most remote regions. 

Today, sensors are at an advanced stage and enable the detection of a host of metrics. In the oil and gas pipelines, sensors are able to detect pressure, temperature, concentration, corrosion, and decay, among many other variables. Collectively, these data can help build comprehensive reports regarding the health of supply pipelines. Coupled with other advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, IoT extends advanced asset management capabilities to fuel companies. The intelligence that can be accessed through connected devices ultimately enables oil and gas companies to attain smart, automated functionalities that result in enhanced efficiency and minimum leakage-related losses.

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