EV batteries can address future energy demands by powering the electric grids.

FREMONT, CA: While electric vehicles (EVs) are considered the future of the automobile industry, they can contribute significantly to that of energy as well. Sources say that there will be enough batteries of electric vehicles by 2050 to power a grid that runs on wind and solar. This prospect can be realized if the batteries from electric vehicles can be connected to the electric grids. Apart from being a potent source of energy, batteries from electric vehicles can also be viewed as a massive means of electricity storage. Thus, there is a great opportunity for energy as well as the automotive sector to complement each other in the future.

EV batteries can be connected to the grid via smart chargers. Such a system will not just provide sufficient power to the grids but also addresses various system services needed by a grid that depends on intermittent renewables. Services such as primary and secondary power reserves, voltage control, arbitrage, fast-frequency reserves, and congestion management via peak shaving and load shifting can be included under intermittent services.

Using vehicle batteries to power grids makes sense due to the fact that the cars are parked almost 90 percent of the time. Battery connected to the grid for such a long period can practically contribute to grid operations. Further, such an arrangement will also address the problem of congestion in the future. According to an estimate, if 97 percent of a city’s vehicles were electric, the grid would face congestion at 15 percent of its feeders due to the increased energy requirements. Further, upgrading the grid to address the above issue would cost €20 million. Alternatively, a grid operator with access to a smart charging point could resolve the congestion for just €2 million. In a way, grids will be able to reuse a part of the energy that has already been supplied to the electric vehicles.

The future of energy will depend not only on the production aspects but also on the reusability of energy that has already been produced. A grid system powered via automotive battery offers a classic example of how energy can be reused. 

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