The gradual shift towards low-carbon resources is enabling the governments and firms to address the growing energy demands.    

FREMONT, CA: According to a report, over 1 million tons of oil, coal, and natural gas are burnt every hour. This trend impacts the prospects of sustainable energy as well as environmental perseverance. Alternatively, utilization of clean energy can create millions of jobs while reducing our dependence on exhaustible energy resources such as fuels. The adoption of low-carbon technologies such as wind and solar power will ease the pressure on the conventional sources of energy. Here are some of the key trends. 

Renewable Sources

Energy resources generated from sustainable natural processes represent the classic examples of low-carbon energy systems. Energy from solar, wind and tidal plants can be used to power vehicles as well as industries with minimal impact to the environment. Further, renewable energy resources are also a perennial source of clean energy.

 Carbon Storage

Carbon capture and storage (CSS) systems can be used to collect carbon dioxide generated from industries and plants, or from fossil fuels. The collected carbon can be stored in secure spaces such as under the seabed or deep underground. According to a report, CSS systems would allow the generation of energy from fossil fuels with up to 90 percent lesser emissions than from the traditional usage of fossil fuels. 


Bioenergy is another potential source of low-carbon energy that refers to solid, gas, or liquid fuels generated from biomass products such as wood or maize. Like other sources of energy, bioenergy can be used for the generation of thermal and electrical energy. Biomass can also be blended with diesel and petrol and used as biofuels for vehicles. 

 Increasingly, governments and organizations are moving towards alternative sources of energy to address the power demands. Further advancements in technology and the intent to leverage the low-carbon energy resources will determine the future trends in energy production.

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