Space-based solar energy station promises a bright future of the energy industry, as this technology offers continuous energy source and serves as a solution to the energy crisis.   

FREMONT, CA: With the rising demands for energy, today’s technologists are innovating the sphere of energy generation. The concept of setting up solar farms in the space is not only environmental-friendly but proves to be the solution for the world’s energy crisis. The idea of in-space solar power station promises constant power generation as there will be no day and night cycle, weather interruption, and other obstruction.   

Solar power stations in space use a wireless transmission technique to send generated energy to remote receiver stations located at a higher altitude. The diversity of renewable power generation, conversion, and transmission techniques is a promising factor to meet energy demands while completely stopping harmful conventional methods. The solar power transmitted to earth-based receiver is via electromagnetic waves at 2.45 GHz and then converted into electricity. The futuristic solar energy generation solution provides clean, reliable power at low cost. This technique also removes the need for installing large-scale electricity grids, as the energy can directly be transmitted to any location on the planet.   

As mentioned earlier, space solar power station is the continuous power generation solutions; such continuity can reduce the stringent demands on the storage capabilities that are highly expensive. Scientists focus on developing lightweight tiles that include optical reflectors, photovoltaic cells, and integrated circuits. Experts also contribute to designing advanced tiles with the capabilities to generate and transmit solar power singularly, eliminating the need for massive power distribution. 

The idea of setting up solar power stations in the space heightens the level of advancement of energy technology while creating a new era of the clean energy revolution.

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