Energy demand is increasing on every continent and finding better methods to create clean and affordable solar power is top of mind in coming years.

FREMONT, CA: Sustainable power is on the rise across the globe for a good reason. With climate change coming to centre stage, more people are looking for options to standard fuel that is usually harmful to the ozone layer and the atmosphere. Firms are also picking up steam on solar, due to the energy savings they can utilize to accelerate bottom lines and to prepare for the impacts of climate change, but also from consumer demand, where customers are turning to more sustainable firms and products that mitigate the harm on the environment and leave less carbon footprint.

Transparent PV

Tesla’s solar roof attained a lot of attention when it first hit the market. While it is still expensive for the homeowner, firms can expect to see some unique use cases with transparent PVs used as windows or skylights and expand the solar roof. Solar roof tiles look just like the home’s typical roof, blending into the aesthetic.

Solar Cars and More Electric Vehicles

EVs have been trending for a while now and collaborating those cars with solar can mean a double team of energy efficiency. Solar cars have built-in panels that assist in creating the energy needed to power the engine. While several hobbyists have been playing with solar cars for a while now, there are rumours that it may go mainstream. As more people embrace EVs and make their homes and firms EV-friendly, solar comes into play here too. For instance, firms can add solar panels just to the garage rooftop to offer energy to your electric vehicle, so the electric bill doesn’t take such a big hit.

More String Inverters

The kind of inverter leveraged for a solar energy system does matter — and a string inverter provides more flexibility in adding new panels and limits a full shut down in the event of a problem. Panels act more independently and are seamless to deploy with a safer distributed current. With natural disasters, often driven by climate change, occurring more often, there is an increased focus on battery storage for solar power.