Bently Nevada leverages the internet of things to enhance uptime, productivity, and safety with its compact and powerful wireless vibration sensor and condition-based monitoring system.

FREMONT, CA: With a plant-wide, holistic suite of machine condition monitoring and protection hardware, software, and services powered by over 60 years of industry-leading expertise, Bently Nevada rolls out Ranger Pro condition monitoring sensors for real-time remote vibration monitoring combined with rapid, simple deployment of multiple sensors in a wireless network, encrypted data transmission, long battery life, and the ability to work in hazardous environments.

This efficient and rugged Ranger Pro provides real-time, online condition monitoring data that is key to an effective predictive maintenance program. The Ranger Pro can be used to collect important machine health data from a broad range of machinery across several industries, including power generation, oil & gas, mining, pulp & paper, metal processing, and more. This platform also allows for 24/7 monitoring of velocity, acceleration, and temperature plus timebase waveforms, spectra, and PeakDemod spectrum on important machine assets. It helps decrease unplanned downtime, increase machine life through predictive, condition-based maintenance.

Firms can use Ranger Pro Wireless Condition Monitoring for immediate notifications of an issue, the acquisition of short- and long-term trending data, and diagnostic reporting. With real-time, accurate data, users can eliminate the extra costs associated with reporting by walking around – and any potential misdiagnoses from mere observation.

Bently Nevada enables farm owners and operators to achieve the highest level of asset reliability possible. “Our hardware and software help our customers shift from reactive to proactive maintenance. By detecting issues ahead of time, our customers can plan repairs during the low-wind seasons to ensure their machines are online and making money when the wind is blowing.” says Terry Knight, the CEO of Bently Nevada.  The company expects to see the need for additional condition monitoring measurements, like oil debris, soon. Its offerings are primed to become the industry standards with vibration and other measurements to deliver a more holistic view of turbine health.