State-of-the-art solar panels to be deployed on the rooftop of Mondelaz Thailand plant.

FREMONT, CA: The pioneering solar photovoltaic developer and investor in carbon neutrality solutions, NEFIN Group, and pioneering global snacking firm Mondelez International, signs a Power Purchase Agreement to kick off a meaningful partnership enabling the over 7000 sq.m. Mondelez manufacturing facility in Thailand is going to adopt clean energy. NEFIN Group is commissioned to build 3,060 solar panels with a full capacity to generate 1,346.4 kWp. It is estimated that the system can create an annual solar energy output of 1,988,741 kWh, equivalent to 1,566 tons CO2 offset per annum.

NEFIN Group chooses Earth Day to announce this partnership to convey a deeper meaning than just a PPA project for NEFIN. The company believes all corporates should play a vital part in combating climate change and embracing sustainability. By announcing the kick-off of this program today, the company wishes to engage with more decision-makers and stakeholders who need to make a positive change for the environment and their businesses in the long run.

Mondelez International has an ongoing commitment to lead the future of snacking by making snacks the right way to positively impact the world and the communities where its business functions.  As part of the firm's mission, Mondelez International focuses its purpose-driven strategy on well-being and sustainability, including reducing environmental impact.  The firm has established clear sustainability objectives and measurable environmental targets.  As an outcome, it had offered all of its 2020 environmental reduction objectives on CO2, water and waste.  Mondelez International continues to invest more in energy-efficient technologies, bettering energy management and promoting sustainability in its manufacturing facilities across the world.

With a strong base and solid track record in Asia, NEFIN has completed projects that have already created 77,766 MWh, which is equivalent to having planted 775,748 trees for the environment or offsetting 185,907,287 kilometres' CO2 emission by driving a car. This collaboration kick-off is important to NEFIN Group as it continues to widen its footprint into the Thailand market.