Asia-based blockchain adopter TZ APAC to lead blockchain program in new Computer Nurturing Centre of Excellence.

FREMONT, CA:  The leading Asia-based blockchain adoption entity supporting the Tezos ecosystem, TZ APAC, has announced that it will collaborate with the National University of Singapore’s School of Computing or NUS Computing. The rationale behind this is to set up a centre for Nurturing Computing Excellence. According to an associate professor of the university, Tan Sun Teck, the brand new centre will enable university students to learn from real-world industry specialists in fields such as cloud computing, blockchain technology, and data science.

Over the past few years, Singapore has established itself as a leading destination for technology companies. Singapore is rapidly turning into a leader in blockchain technology. The blockchain ecosystem in Singapore has seen substantial growth in recent years. To meet the growing demand, it becomes quintessential for high ranking schools such as NUS Computing to create a panel of strong talents in this fast-paced field and ensures that computing talents in the nation are well-trained to leverage the potential of blockchain technology, in addition to other complementary technologies, for contributing in Singapore’s digital economy.

TZ APAC designs value-added blockchain transformation strategies for industries and creators. It also works closely in close collaboration with blockchain specialists and other stakeholders in the Tezos ecosystem. On the other hand, NUS Computing is one of the world's leading computing schools, with internationally renowned researchers and inspiring teachers. It has established top excellence in sectors such as computational biology, digital business, multimedia, database, and also digital innovation in-service economy. Furthermore, the school also aims to build research centres in fields like artificial intelligence (robotics and machine learning), cybersecurity, smart systems (Internet of Things), healthcare informatics, analytics, and also a computational social science. The school's excellent educational background, coupled with the demand for computing talent in all fields and professions, make NUS Computing graduates highly sought after.

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