Wind and solar energy can effectively cancel out each other’s weaknesses to amplify renewable energy reliability. 

FREMONT, CA: Standalone solar and wind energy facilities are coming up rapidly as the inclination towards renewable resources increases. But fluctuations in wind or sunlight continue to create apprehensions about the consistency of energy generation from these sources. Hybrid energy systems that pair up solar and wind energy facilities are now emerging as an exciting alternative to standalone renewable energy plants. With a hybrid system, combating the periodic nature of sunlight or wind becomes easier, enabling energy producers to optimize services. The advantages of pairing solar and wind to create a hybrid system are listed below.   

Electricity Generation throughout the Day

Solar energy plants work during the daylight hours and convert the sunlight into electricity. Similarly, wind turbines work to produce electricity as long as the wind is blowing with sufficient speed. Although periodic, both the natural resources have specific patterns attached to their cycles. In the case of solar and wind, both the cycles complement one another effectively. During the day, electricity is produced from the abundance of sunlight, while at night, when the sea breeze picks up speed, wind turbines take up the task. Thus, there exists an opportunity to create a renewable energy facility that can supply electricity all through the day. By combining a battery storage solution, the consistency and reliability of the electricity supply become even better.

Off-Grid and Grid-Level Supplies

Wind and solar energy systems form a natural combination that can contribute efficiently to off-grid, as well as grid-level electricity supplies. For rural and remote areas where the grid supply is not consistent, a self-sufficient system can be created by pairing wind and solar. A hybrid system can perform significantly better than standalone solar or wind energy farm. On the other hand, a hybrid system can also act as a dependable backup in the case of a grid. Renewable energy providers get better opportunities to contribute to the grid.

From being secondary options and backup sources, wind and solar energy can transform into significant players in the market by adopting innovative hybrid models.

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