AI is the key technology when it comes to the integration of disparate renewable energy sources.

 FREMONT, CA: Renewable energy resources offer a simple and cost-effective means to reduce electricity costs as well as carbon emissions. However, there have been various arguments regarding the reliability of renewable sources of energy. The emergence of hybrid energy sources is being seen as an alternative to unreliable renewable sources. When it comes to hybrid energy sources, artificial intelligence (AI) is the primary technology that can revolutionize the way integration of various energy sources can be carried out. AI can also contribute to the way renewable energy is transmitted and consumed by transforming the legacy grid network. Here are the key ways in which AI can add value to the cause of the integration of energy sources.

Enhanced Centralized Control Centers

With the growth in technologies like sensors and computational capabilities, the interconnected nature of the energy grid is gaining strength. The present scenario offers an opportunity for the utility providers in the form of AI. AI algorithms can learn from data collected through sensors and offer essential operational insights to the energy providers.

Proliferation of Microgrids

The proliferation of microgrids will pave the way to managing distributed energy. With a growth in the number of community-level renewable energy generation facilities installed in the grid, the act of balancing energy flows in the grid is getting increasingly complex. Once again, the use of AI algorithms will play a key role in the controlled optimization of the various renewable energy sources within the grid.

Smart Utility Consumer Devices

The introduction of smart batteries is being coupled with rooftop solar, EV chargers as well as energy management systems. AI will add value to most operations and offer new ways for reducing expenses by using transitive energy controls that operate on real-time energy pricing.

 Thus, AI has immense potential to power the cause of hybrid energy generation and further strengthen the prospects of extraction of energy from renewable energy sources.