the government of Serbia has signed a framework deal with Rosatom to develop a nuclear technology centre in the nation. It is part of an increasing trend in Serbian nuclear interest.

FREMONT, CA: Serbia's government has signed a framework agreement with Rosatom to build a nuclear technology centre in the nation, which will feature a cyclotron for producing medicinal isotopes. It is part of an increasing trend in Serbian nuclear interest. Although the new facility's location has not been specified, Serbia's Vina Nuclear Institute near Belgrade is a plausible choice. Until 1984, it used two small Soviet-supplied highly enriched uranium-fuelled research reactors. In 2010, their wasted fuel was shipped to Russia. The nuclear centre is expected to be established "over the next three years," also the nation has asked the neighbouring countries to exploit the capacities of this centre in conjunction with our scientists.

President of Rosatom Overseas Yevgeny Pakermanov and Nenad Popovi, Serbian Minister in Charge of Innovation and Technological Development and President of the Intergovernmental Committee for Cooperation with Russia, signed the framework agreement in Moscow. It comes on the heels of an intergovernmental development agreement signed in 2019 and calls for practical work to begin in 2022. The facility would manufacture radioisotopes for medicine and industry, as well as alloyed silicon. It also offers services like assessing the chemical composition of ores and other materials. A 20 MWt research reactor, which was part of the 2019 agreements. The radiopharmaceutical complex and the nuclear medicine centre are likely to offer Serbian citizens high-tech medical solutions to treat oncology conditions.

Before signing the treaty, in the previous month, Serbia was expecting to "immediately" invest in a nearby nuclear power station, naming Bulgaria's Kozloduy reactor. The government also had plans to talk to the Hungarians who are currently working with the Russians on Paks II. Russia’s Rosatom state nuclear corporation and Serbia’s ministry of innovations and technological development made an agreement in writing on cooperation on the construction of a centre of nuclear science, technologies and innovations on October 19, 2019.