Businesses are increasingly adopting sustainable technologies to meet governmental regulations and cost-effective solutions.

FREMONT, CA: Research shows that by 2025, 50 percent of CIOs will use sustainability metrics to measure the performance of their organizations. Sustainable technology does not exist solely within internal IT operations; consider using technology to enable various sustainable outcomes.

Sustainable technology plays an important role operationally in cost optimization, energy efficiency, and asset utilization. Also, it drives ESG outcomes like improved wellness and provides the traceability necessary for responsible business practices. Technology-enabled business models and personalized products are also possible with sustainable technologies.

Sustainable technology creates opportunities in the following areas:

Internal IT operations: Sustainable IT aims to deliver the maximum output using the fewest possible resources while selecting and operating the right tools, hardware, and vendors.

Sustainable IT goals look at reduced emissions of Scope 2 and 3 greenhouse gases (GHG), indirect emissions resulting from the electricity used by IT, and emissions not directly attributed to the organization (such as the embodied carbon in decommissioned IT. Transparency in the supply chain, ethical sourcing, and human rights are also important. Several sustainable approaches can drive circular economy principles into IT, including using robots for recycling or outsourcing IT operations to sustainable operators, such as hyper-scale cloud providers.

Enterprise operations: Fair labor practices, improved energy efficiency, reduced emissions, and transparency regarding sourcing and trade practices are all part of enterprise operations.

It is possible to achieve ESG goals across the organization by automating resource-intensive activities, predicting the impact of climate on business using artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing, and capturing performance data in real-time using advanced analytics. It is also possible to transform processes and enable remote work with the cloud. Prioritize investments in technology that can further the sustainability strategy of an enterprise to support sustainable enterprise operations.

Customer operations: Using sustainable technology also enables customers to achieve their sustainability goals through products and services.

Customers' priority needs to be fully understood, and the balance between their desires sometimes clash. Customers should be able to see how their engagement with your products and services contributes to sustainability.