Toledo Solar has teamed up with SEDC Solar to bring Toledo Solar's American-made and ethically produced solar products to local homes, churches, and businesses.

FREMONT, CA: Solar energy might provide all of the world's current and future energy needs. Solar energy is freely available, and technological advancements have enabled all to harness even more of it. Toledo Solar, a leading American manufacturer of the world's most innovative, influential, and durable solar panels and solar glass, has partnered with SEDC Solar, a pioneer in socially progressive Community Solar, to bring Toledo Solar's ethically produced solar products to local homes, churches, and businesses.

"We are proud to provide the best American-made solar panel products and installation services available to the D.C. area by partnering with SEDC Solar," states Aaron Bates, the founder and CEO of Toledo Solar. "We look forward to serving the D.C. market as an extension of SEDC Solar, as they are already making a strong impact providing solar energy to the consumer for free."

SEDC Solar is introducing Toledo Solar panels in response to a rise in regional industry demand. In 2021 alone, the solar industry invested $104 million in Washington, D.C. However, the industry faces obstacles due to supply chain constraints that limit product availability.

Despite the solar industry's consistent expansion, the pandemic and worldwide shipping restrictions have created market obstacles that have increased the price of solar panels. However, Toledo Solar creates American-made Cadmium Telluride solar panels, enabling the company to fulfill market demand with high-quality, ethically-made products.

SEDC Solar enables individuals to Do Well and Do Good simultaneously. There is a genuine possibility for individuals who have historically received advantages last to become first. These advantages include cheaper utility costs, a less carbon footprint, and the opportunity to give free vocational training and employment opportunities for local individuals, according to Thomas Jones, manager of SEDC Solar.