Workers in the energy industry are delivered with valuable capabilities by rugged devices to get tasks done efficiently in extreme work conditions. 

FREMONT, CA: Because of safety concerns, many energy companies do not allow workers to bring handheld devices with them to job sites. While workplace safety is of utmost importance, it does not completely rule out handheld devices’ use. There are certain rugged devices that can operate safely in extreme environments. Not only do rugged devices allow workers to communicate and respond to serious incidents effectively, but they are critical to many other operations in the energy industry. Here are three ways rugged devices can help energy teams.

Safety Assessments

The energy industry is evolving around mobile inspection apps. With the right onsite rugged technology and work management app installed in the device, workers can easily manage compressed gas, energy stations, leakages, heating, fuel tank, mine safety, oil rig, and filed inspections. Using rugged devices in the field with locations technology in it can actually improve safety by keeping managers informed about where each worker is.

Improved Communication

Employees at energy companies rely on mobile devices as their communication tools. Workers in energy firms are using their rugged devices to relay information to dispatchers, infrastructure assessment teams, and maintenance and repair crews. Rugged devices can help energy firms empower employees to communicate better and produce faster responses to service connection and disconnection requests, outages, and other disruptions.

Work Order and Maintenance

By using rugged handheld devices in energy production environments, workers can receive immediate information on job assignments, parts, and tools requirements, navigation to the job site, and job procedures. Enabling these facilities can reduce both operating costs and equipment downtime while increasing productivity.

Although rugged devices cost more than consumer-grade devices, they can help energy firms to save money with limited repair costs. Also, rugged devices often include features like daylight-readable displays and hot-swappable batteries that enhance productivity. Energy companies looking to strengthen their strategic advantage should consider the potential of rugged tablets to mobilize and empower their teams.    

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