Technological innovations are sweeping the way and remolding the style of living. The new decade is expected to bring in significant improvement in energy technologies as we are keener towards establishing a world full of energy, specifically renewable energy.

FREMONT, CA: Sophistication in technologies is widespread, from energy blockchains to lithium-ion batteries. 2020 is expected to witness marked innovations in battery manufacturing, keeping up to the escalated industrial and residential demands. Along with this, eyes are also on solutions for grid decarbonization.  Let's look at five technologies that are cropping up in the year 2020.

Marine solar

How about making boating more interesting and convenient? Yes, this is what 2020 has in plans. With floating solar panels and arrays on lakes and other inland drainage bodies, there has been a hint on setting up sea-based solar arrays. However, this concept holds several challenges that need to be resolved.

Static compensators

As electricity grids are focusing more on assimilating renewable energy, static compensators are becoming voguish. Their primary role is to ensure static and stable frequency across the electric networks, eliminating the shortcomings of the renewable grids which may fall short in maintaining this frequency.

Molten salt reactors

Today nuclear energy is widely utilized and often regarded as a clean source of energy. But it still poses radiation and other related risks. The molten salt reactors can be a game-changer in yielding less reactive and less carbon-containing electricity. Moltex Energy has successfully crowdfunded a big amount for this emerging technology.

Dynamic export cables

Despite the popularity of the off-shore wind projects, their execution has been complicated owing to the inconvenience caused in connecting the floating structures to the static cables on the sea beds. For alleviating this issue, the dynamic export cables are an option that can ensure a less vulnerable floating and off-shore wind system.

Green hydrogen

This energy technology is moved forward from its planning stage and has received a prompt reaction from several countries who wish to establish it on a large scale. It is believed to closely substitute oil and gas with lesser emissions and also ensure better integration of renewable energies. Moreover, the industrial processes that emit a large amount of carbon in the air make it difficult for countries to balance industrial functioning and air quality; this calls for solutions like green hydrogen that can make industrial processes carbon-free and support the environmental needs.

With different technologies coming into the market, green technologies are more worthy in terms of achieving sustainable development. Today the world cannot survive without technologies, yet it is of utmost importance that there is no further deterioration in the environmental conditions, rather there be a more efficient utilization of the resources and their regeneration.

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