Effectively, enterprise asset management software allows each asset manager and their team members to manage a higher volume of work, to focus on strategic or high-value work within their projects.

FREMONT, CA: While the challenges in the wind are unique, there is no question that the lessons about deploying software for solar projects transfer over to wind power projects. Wind power firms are spending too much time making several mistakes on tasks that would be best automated. Here is a detailed overview of how asset management software could transform a wind energy business.

The major reason to digitalize the wind power business and introduction of software comes down to volume. If firms manage a single wind farm, they probably don’t need asset management software—the volume of work they are facing is just not high enough. The issue is when firms are managing a dozen or more wind farms. They can either scale their team in proportion to the assets, or invest in digitally transforming asset management software to help with the hundreds of wind energy management tasks.

The benefit of software comes down to aggregation, setting tasks across the entire portfolio of the projects on one dashboard instead of logging into different systems and pulling together data manually. Collecting this data, organizing it, and automating various tasks as a result of it is like hiring a personal assistant for every single one of the team members. When it comes to asset management software, there are two types of automation: automation that reminds firms about work they have to do, and the second is automation that facilitates the work itself.

The software platform can send firms a reminder 30 days before their land payment is due to start the tasks they need to get a cheque from to landowner. This may involve the lease to see the payment terms, looking at the wind farm production for a certain period to calculate how much is owed, cutting the cheque, entering the details into the accounting software, and mailing the envelope. The automated reminder is just an added level of organization to ensure repetitive tasks get done on time.

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