Interesting developments are lined up in the energy sector as leading companies open the doors to innovations and experimentations.

FREMONT, CA: The energy sector is poised to undertake transformative journeys in the upcoming years. There are several exciting prospects that energy companies are considering. As consumption patterns evolve and the support for non-carbon energy sources grows, energy providers are looking to shift with help from technological interventions. There have been considerable advancements related to energy production from renewable resources, grid infrastructure, and battery technology. The developments are poised to continue as breakthrough innovations add value to energy production facilities. In the process, one can expect fossil-fuel to lose market relevance and fall behind in the competition.

Technological advances that signal the emergence of a new era in the energy sector are many. Energy technology companies are coming up with solutions that have the potential to change fundamental aspects of energy generation and distribution. A recent article published by GTM, emerging technologies like marine solar and green hydrogen have found mention. Marine solar involves offshore PV projects where the PV panels float on the surface of the water. It has been conceptualized to reduce the use of large areas of land for solar farms. The focus on sustainable and safe energy sources has also led to advancements in hydrogen as a fuel. Green hydrogen has the potential to become as popular as fossil fuels.

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Systems that can empower traditional grids to support renewable energy are now emerging. These systems allow legacy infrastructure to embrace capabilities that allow the inclusion of renewable energy. There have also been innovations in transmission cables. With energy facilities evolving, it is essential for cable to become more flexible and support high voltages in a range of environments. Thus, innovations are coming to the rescue of the energy sector as it navigates through multiple transformations. 

As emerging technologies become commercially feasible, the energy sector will be able to adopt them. In the process, energy companies will be able to transform into futuristic facilities. 

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