By providing integrated battery systems with rooftop solar, companies can tap into new business opportunities.

FREMONT, CA: Today, more and more houses are looking forward to embracing rooftop solar energy systems. These developments have resulted in new demands and trends. One of the trends which can be forecast is the growth in demand for batteries that can offer backup for rooftop solar panels. The popularity of solar energy has risen in recent times as prices of solar energy harnessing equipment, including solar panels, have reduced. This has created a market for rooftop solar installations. Currently, the trends are taking a new form, with battery technologies advancing.

Rooftop solar is today an alternative to conventional energy from the grids and has found many takers. However, the inconstancies in the availability of sunlight make rooftop solar less dependable. By introducing rooftop battery storage for solar units, the reliability of solar energy systems can be improved significantly. Recently, the evolution of batteries also picked up pace resulting in affordable ones that can save varying capacities of solar energy with a great degree of efficiency. The commercial viability of energy storage systems can create new business opportunities for rooftop solar vendors.

For households intending to install rooftop solar energy systems, the promises of battery storage are very attractive. With the capacity of storage, solar energy becomes more dependable. Even when adequate sunlight is not available for days, stored solar energy will be available for usage. These factors are bound to promote the demand for add-on storage with rooftop solar. Companies involved in designing, installing, and repairing solar energy units can expect a surge in demand from present and future customers for residential energy storage solutions.

Green Tech Media recently presented an article that talks about the market opportunities of batteries for rooftop solar fittings while highlighting the fact that more and more homes are aiming to invest in energy storage because of the recent outages that caused severe disruptions. Thus, it is safe to assume that there is a steady rise in demand for battery extensions to solar units through which companies offering rooftop solar can increase revenues.

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