Nations worldwide must implement ways to tackle energy storage problems.

FREMONT, CA: Power generation and energy storage has become a trend in many nations. Today, nations are trying to solve climate change by adopting renewable energy and energy storage. The power generating industry has to focus on renewable energy through wind, solar, and hydro as these are natural energy sources and renewable by nature. Only power generation through the renewable source is not enough because these sources produce less power. So, storing renewable energy is another vital aspect of sustainable power generation. Energy can be stored when generated in abundance to utilize later during a crisis. For example, when enough sunshine is unavailable, there will be less solar power generation. It can solve teh problem by storing solar energy on a bright sunny day.

Keeping the lights on

 The discovery of lithium-ion batteries four decades ago remains the benchmark for battery technology. However, there is a shortage of lithium around the world, making it very difficult to build large-scale battery storage systems, as well as a heavy environmental impact associated with mining cobalt, which is the metal used in lithium-ion batteries to provide stability. A second potential method of storing energy is to use hydrogen, which can be produced by electrolysis from excess renewable energy obtained through a process of electrolysis.   Several industrial processes can utilize it, such as converting it into electricity via fuel cells or internal combustion engines. There are several major hydrogen projects underway at present. Still, due to the unknown costs of the associated conversion technologies and the diverse range of hydrogen applications, it is difficult to directly compare the cost of hydrogen with the cost of other large-scale storage technologies.

There is a requirement for almost all energy to come from renewable sources in order to achieve net-zero carbon emissions. There is, therefore, an urgent need for storing renewable energy. Unfortunately, as we now know, governments around the world often neglect to address this very obvious issue, despite it being quite obvious. Whether storing energy by batteries or by hydrogen is extremely expensive, and even if battery prices are reduced, many questions remain about space, security, and safety.