The oil and gas industry realizes that great power and imminent breakthroughs can be found with data analytics when used in smarter ways.

FREMONT, CA: The recent advent of data sensors in exploration, drilling, and production operations has made the oil and gas industry become a data-intensive industry. 'Towards Data Science' reviews the utilization of data analytics as an emerging trend and a valuable asset in the oil and gas industry. Its report presents an extensive analysis of the energy management applications of data analytics in the oil and gas industry. Here is more.

Like most businesses today, the oil and gas industry has been disrupted by data analytics and has taken measures to ensure it adapts to the changed reality. With more offshore platforms, firms are looking to analytics as a new way to enhance processes and productivity. The vast data that is created from oil and gas upstream, midstream, and downstream processes can be rapidly processed and analyzed to reveal insights to prevent equipment malfunctioning and improve operational efficiency. With these insights, employees can effectively maintain offshore platforms through predictive maintenance leading to enhanced productivity.

The industry is full of opportunities to maximize efficiency. Advanced analytics can deliver more in-depth and accurate insights into production, reliability, and the integrity of the oil and gas infrastructure, thereby bringing savings and safety improvements. By monitoring factors, analytics can highlight potential problems before they even develop. This ensures that all processes are running smoothly without any interruption. In an industry where safety is closely linked to efficiency, oil and gas firms must have usable data for operations.

Another way data analytics saves time and money is with its ability to store and enable access to inspection and maintenance records. Often these large oil and gas projects will have numerous records associated with them. Time, effort, and money are wasted on finding, replicating, and merging these reports. With analytics, it is now possible to create a digital twin of the whole structure, mapping all available information in a location in a way that engineers can instantly access all the data they need.

Given that, it has become clear that there are ample opportunities for the oil and gas industries to use big data and increase productivity, operational efficiency, and safety.

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