Solar analytics enables individuals and utility firms to track the various aspects of solar energy.

FREMONT, CA: Solar Analytics is gaining traction across the solar industry as well as among individuals with solar incorporations. Apart from monitoring the solar installations, solar analytics also enables us to predict energy generation depending on the weather forecast. Solar analytics, when combined with a 3G mobile connection, will result in an even more reliable system. Transmitting data packets over 3G also eliminates the need to hardwire connections, as is the case with the WiFi router. 

As stated before, the application of solar analytics extends beyond its usage as a simple monitoring tool. The analytics solution can also assist consumers in maximizing the efficacy of solar installations. The analytics solution enables the users to check if their system is performing up to the mark. The solution also enables users to understand their unique energy consumption patterns.

Solar analytics is also essential for customers from an economic point of view. The analytics capability precisely evaluates the energy produced by the solar installations and compares the figure with what the solar-smart algorithm expects from the system. The capability also enables users to monitor household energy consumption along with solar energy production. Thus, users can understand their energy costs on an everyday basis. Users can use such insights to limit their energy usage and have an accurate estimation of the upcoming energy bill.

Energy management is another space where solar analytics can play an important role. Such a capability will automatically switch circuits and devices on or off remotely depending on requirements. Further, the huge data generated from the numerous solar installations can also be collected with the aid of an energy management system. Such data can unveil various aspects of energy usage.

Solar Analytics is assisting the individual users as well as industries to estimate energy usage and optimize the generation as well as the consumption of energy.

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