Technological progress and the rising requirement for electricity is increasing the demand for wind energy.

FREMONT, CA: Today, when power systems need to be upgraded and built, renewable is the first option that should be considered as alternative energy. Ninety percent of these renewable are solar and wind power.  Investments in these two sources have been rising steadily and are competitive with traditional electricity sources. The price of wind energy systems has been gradually rising. It has been demonstrated in energy prices. The related implications of climate change have placed high pressure on policymakers to start searching for alternatives and renewable energy developments that minimize carbon footprint and emissions.

In the past few years, wind power installations have risen dramatically. Growth and improvement in wind power generation systems have been at the highest levels and has shown interest worldwide. In order to promote climate change, economic benefits, and energy stability, the production of wind energy-related technology systems needs to be sustainable. Wind energy has immense technical capability compared to the current global energy production.

Wind power to dominate power sector growth

The Global Wind Energy Council proposed numerous scenarios to indicate that by 2030, wind energy systems could supply 20 percent of global electricity demand. With the Paris Agreement promising a fully decarbonized supply of electricity before 2050, wind energy will play a significant role in achieving this goal.

By 2030, the capacity produced by 2110 GW could be achieved, which would be equal to 20 percent of global needs. More than 2.4 million jobs and 3.3 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions a year are projected to be generated. Investments amounting to approximately EUR 200 billion are anticipated within ten years. This is backed by many main factors, like the drastic decline in the price of wind energy systems, which clarifies the viability of installing such systems to make them economically competitive.

The latest development in technologies and advancement in smart grids can be the new battery storage system. Increased progress towards the growing market for electric cars as well as public transport has also increased the need for electricity in the future. This electricity market is more likely to be supplied by wind energy power systems.

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