There is a growing focus on AI-backed solutions to drive the development of renewable energy facilities and processes.   

FREMONT, CA: As renewable energy generation grows, the demands for advanced technology-backed solutions that can augment core operations are rising. Digital technologies can add a lot of value to the already commoditized solar and wind energy sources. One of the technologies that are inviting a lot of attention in this regard is artificial intelligence. The applications of artificial intelligence are sought-after in several industries today. In the energy industry, the popularity of AI-backed solutions can be gauged from the increasing investments flowing into technology providers working to develop solutions that augment renewable energy facilities. 

Within the new class of technologies that is finding large-scale deployment across energy companies, AI has seen the highest amount of favor owing to the smart capabilities it offers. AI is one of those technologies that can take advantage of the growing sources of data to facilitate intelligent insights into operational aspects of core processes. The intelligent insights equip renewable energy companies by enabling predictive reports and real-time information regarding the performance. With such information at hand, energy companies are able to optimize business decisions and align with real-time developments in the global energy market.

The investments in AI-backed solutions by renewable energy companies are also a reflection of the sector’s eagerness to adapt to the transforming markets. Energy sector companies have always displayed a lot of inertia when it comes to accepting and deploying new technologies. However, the current competitiveness is ensuring that companies invest and innovate rapidly. AI is the enabler that can help renewable energy companies stay relevant and sustainable by enhancing efficiency and increasing revenues, respectively.

Another factor that has resulted in the flow of funds for AI solutions involves the aspect of prices. AI enables renewable energy companies to bring down operational costs. The reduction cascades down to the end-user, resulting in services being delivered at lower costs. This drives up consumption of solar and wind energy. Overall, renewable-focused companies are of the belief that investment in AI technology is relatively risk-proof and potentially rewarding. 

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