Robotics could help water utilities operate more efficiently and provide the customer with more consistent access to clean water.

FREMONT, CA: Digital transformation is providing solutions to the massive challenges that continue to handicap utilities in their ongoing battle to fix water leaks upgrade piping networks, and reduce water losses. Robots are getting advanced, and as technology improves, industries find more ways to use it. The water industry is no exception. Here are some ways robotics innovations are helping the water industry.

Detecting Water Leakage

Water leakages are among the significant reasons to global water scarcity. Presently, a soft-sided robot can move along the inside of the pipe and detect leakages. The sensors attached to these robots can identify changes in force caused by water. This robot can also confirm the location of the breakage. This is far superior to several other methods that require workers to dig up sections to find the source of the leakage.

Maintaining Water Storage

Robotics companies have created robots that can provide diving services to clean water storage. These robots are made oil-free to avoid polluting water resources, and they use small amounts of food-grade oils. Also, when these robots are entrusted with cleaning, they do not stir up the water or harm the water.

Pipeline Replacement

Currently, water providers are using an incompetent system for replacing water supply pipes. Utilities only replace the pipes with respect to their age, and the majority of the work is done annually. Replacing water pipes is expensive. Robots can identify the pipes which are most likely to be replaced and conduct maintenance accordingly. They can also forecast future failure rates with high accuracy. With a clear picture of pipeline replacement, utilities can better allocate their resources.

Above is just an overview of some interesting ways to apply robotics in water management.

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